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Sometimes, video courses and online material just aren’t enough. Sometimes, you have specific questions about IB course material or areas where you need to focus to improve. Sometimes, you need a tutor. We can help.

We provide an online tutoring service for IB English A (Lit. / LangLit), English B, Geography, Psychology, Global Politics, Extended Essay & ToK. Our tutoring time bundles start from just £40. Please message us to find out more about this global service. Payment is made securely before classes are scheduled to begin.

"Thank you so much for your help with Psychology. I learned so much from the SAQ writing. So helpful!"
Victor Lee
Auckland, New Zealand
"The English B test tutoring I got was great. I'm predicted to finished with 7. I'm super confident now."
Yeri Kim
Seoul, Korea
"IB Study Guide will help you pass the program more easily. We cut out the unnecessary content, so you only revise what you need for exams. Online tutoring can be a great method for improving your IBDP grades."
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