IB Psychology SAQ Answer Package

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Forget downloading paper IB Psychology Past Papers. Our IB Psychology SAQ packages provide you with level 7 model answers, helping you learn how to respond to all questions.

  • IB Psychology Biological, Cognitive & Sociocultural SAQ Answers
  • IB teacher-made Model Answers
  • Just the answers with a helpful breakdown of information
  • Professional & affordable
  • 100% online course
  • Just read, copy, and put into your own words
  • Bonus sample ERQ answers with each package
  • Free answer sample


Forget IB Psychology textbooks and IB Psychology Past Papers. Our courses give you model answers for all possible IB Psychology SAQ SL/HL questions. What’s more, we provide you with a number of IB PSychology ERQ model answers free of charge!

SAQ package


9 reviews for IB Psychology SAQ Answer Package

  1. D

    Danny Cho (verified owner)

    Wow! Exactly what I needed ^^

  2. E

    Eric Rice (verified owner)

    the Psych bible, so good

  3. A

    Amanda Clark (verified owner)

    This has to be the best exam guide and answer book out there. It has almost all the studies we did in class and some other easy ones like Drangski. The only bad thing is not being able to download the files so you have to copy it all. Anyway is easily the best material I found for ib psy

  4. A

    Alex Choi (verified owner)

    lots of answers but not let me download the file and need copy answers by writing
    why cant download?!?!

  5. A

    Ann Little (verified owner)


  6. E

    Emily Park (verified owner)

    So confused in DP1 until I found this. not any more!

  7. F

    Florin Baciu (verified owner)

    Super good! Recommend it

  8. M

    Max Garcia (verified owner)

    Very nice

  9. A

    Alison Kim (verified owner)

    +many answers
    +easy to understand
    +so much info
    +tells what study to learn for little exam work
    -expensive for bio cog and soc
    -can’t download

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