IB English B Listening

The listening component of the IB English B course doesn’t need to be so challenging. Our practice exercises and mock tests will help you enhance your listening skills. IB English B listening tests are a fairly new part of the syllabus. Questions may be multiple choice, fill in the blanks, identify who said it, short answer, or identify the true statement, among others.

To help you get used to different accents, we vary the accents of different speakers. 

We offer mock tests (consisting of Part A, B, and C  /25 points) and practice exercises (not studio made  /10 points). These all help your listening skills.

1) Have paper ready to write your answers.

2) Take 2 minutes to read the questions.  

3) Press play.

4) Write your answers.

5) Once the audio is finished, check your answers (not available in the free version).

Practice Exercise


Check Answers

Receive access to these answers with any paid IB English B listening test course.

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