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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We specialize in IB English A (LangLit), English B, Psychology, and Theory of Knowledge (ToK). You can view our free lessons to sample some of our content here.

We do! Though we believe our courses offer extremely useful education, tutoring can be highly beneficial when a student needs to clarify a learning point or develop specific writing skills, for example. Our material is prepared by expert tutors and is designed in such a way that it is easy to attain, but if you prefer learning via our expert tutors, we can certainly arrange that. Please contact us to find out further options.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to select your tutor, though we do try our best to match students with a regular tutor for consistency. Our tutors range from University professors with IB backgrounds and expertise to current IB teachers, all with different schedules; therefore, it is not always possible to schedule classes with particular tutors. Regardless, you can feel assured that your educational needs are in expert hands.

Firstly, we are dedicated professionals with a passion for providing the very best in IB learning, so your results and learning matter to us. Additionally, the website is protected by encryption. This is proven by the site lock padlock next to the website address in the top bar. This means that your personal and payment details are encrypted. This site also employs a first-class malware and firewall protection system. We also employ payment services such as Stripe and PayPal for our customers’ peace of mind. Such companies ensure that you, the customer, receives exactly what you paid for by the provider, IB Study Guide. These online payment mediators insure your payment and ensure that you have peace of mind. Finally, we provide you with a number of resources for free so you can “try before you buy

You get expert-made IB study material, which includes level 7 model answers, mock tests, and a heap of other useful course material (such as teacher hints that help make studying and attaining good grades in exams easier). We do not waste your time teaching you information you will not need in the exams.

Our prices are already extremely reasonable, especially when you consider the wealth of knowledge you receive along with the overall course length and expertise. However, we do have sales running throughout the year and always offer course and tutoring bundle discounts for those purchasing a number of courses or lessons at the same time.

We are very open about what you will receive with our individual courses and provide a free model lesson from most courses to let you sample how effective the framework is for study. Therefore, except for circumstances explicitly covered in our terms and conditions, refunds are not possible. We want you to be 100% satisfied with each course and try our very best to cater to your learning needs. If there is any way we can possibly meet your needs better then please contact us to let us know.

Different packages have different expiry dates. Usually, we make packages accessible via passwords. These passwords change at a fixed term, but you are allowed to request new passwords a limited number of times. Please understand that everything has an expiry – we do this to protect our content from being passed between students or online. Our instructors work hard to produce materials.

In subjects such as psychology, students learn different studies to explore a given topic. This varies depending on your school and teacher. Since it would be incredibly laborious to provide answers for all of these studies, we have selected the most popular and the most streamlined path to being able to answer 99% of possible questions with the fewest possible studies. To help you, we have also included some extra studies and model answers aside from those that we recommend learning, in case you feel more comfortable with a different route.

We are always expanding our educational services, so it is likely that we will add more subject courses in the near future. However, right now are focusing on improving and maintaining our currently offered courses based on our valued customers’ feedback. We are perfectionists and aim to deliver the perfect learning experience to our students.

Actually, research shows that handwritten notes are remembered better than typed notes, especially in handwritten exams. By “100% online” we mean that all material we provide is online. Notes, example answers, and mock test answers should be copied by hand. Exams are done by hand and research shows that memory consolidation is better when things are handwritten! Our content is online but you need to work your hands to bring the knowledge offline!

Currently we have two locations: the UK and South Korea. However, our teachers are based in various places around the world, which is why tutoring lessons are provided via Skype or Zoom and supplemented with Google Docs for written work.

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